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Originally Posted by sense8ional View Post
I would certainly like JMS to still be involved, but Lilly's departure means far more to me, and if I was able to handle that she stopped being involved for an entire season, I will certainly be able to handle JMS not being involved with a 2h episode. Although, for now, I do assume he is still involved, since he kinda backpedaled about his prior statements.
Whereas I'm absolutely the opposite. Frankly, while the Ws have done some visually stunning things, their characterization, IMO, usually leaves a *lot* to be desired. Without JMS, I sincerely doubt that most of us would have cared for these characters nearly as much as we to.

Originally Posted by Hypatia View Post
Netflix has had a rocky history with its customers, to say the least. I'd say their administration is learning to listen to outcries and actually consider what they could do that wouldn't necessarily mean reversing their decision. Just softening the blow a bit and showing respect for their clients and their artistic creators.
Or they figured out that the fans weren't going to stop hijacking their social media posts and sending them flip-flops!

On a side note: is it better to have an entity like Netflix cancel a show like Sense8 or to have an entity like (TNT? WB?) that tries to force the authors to rewrite it? I'd rather have short-lived, unique offerings that come from the creators' vision, I think. But it will be so much better with at least a kind of resolution. With possibilities of renewal in the future, perhaps?
I would vote for the creator's vision. While it's romantic to postulate (as I've seen people do) that a good writer can make anything interesting, to me that's silly. Yes, a good writer can make something interesting out of whatever notes they're given but of necessity, it will lack the passion that would have been in the work if they'd been left to their own devices.

That said, I don't necessarily mean that reasonable restrictions are a bad thing. A good writer should be able to write within a decent budget. But as we saw with the Lost Tales, too much restriction that way will make the work suffer.
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