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Originally Posted by babylonlurker View Post
Jan :
A bit harsh on the Ws ? I am thinking of Cloud Atlas.
OK, you might argue that these are not the Ws' original characters ...
That would be like invalidating all JMS' Superman, Spider-Man, etc. runs because the characters pre-existed his take. Doesn't make much sense, if you ask me!

Go watch Bound if you want good characterization by the Wachowskis and original characters. The Matrix films deal with archetypes (Neo is literally "The One", and half the characters are called "The" Architect, "The" Oracle, "The" Trainman, etc), there's not much room for characterization there, I'm afraid with that type of story. I can go through their filmography, but the point is of course a TV series gives them the opportunity to write characters in a way that films, and specifically blockbuster films, don't.

In creating Sense8, all three creators were equally important. If any of them had been replaced we would have a different series today. But in writing a 2h episode, well past the characters have been figured out, arcs have been devised, and so on, I don't think it's so much big of deal. You know most TV series do not have every single writer work on every single episode, right?! And they still manage to be consistent. Magic? Hardly.
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