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A screening also took place in Berlin's gay club SchwuZ, where Tykwer directed scenes, but I'm unsure if that was for the finale or earlier season 2 episodes?

(Translation: )

07.06.18 - On Friday you can exclusively watch the season finale of Sense8 on big screen in SchwuZ.


For the second season, some scenes were shot, under the direction of Tom Tykwer, in the queer Berlin club SchwuZ. "The production company told us that they were looking for a LGBTI-related location because it was important to Lana Wachowski that some sort of identification location be included," says Managing Director Marcel Weber, recalling SIEGESSAULE. However, you have to look carefully to recognize the club, because he was partially rebuilt for the scenes.

On June 8, the season finale will be released on Netflix. At 9 pm the screening in SchwuZ begins. Admission is free!
Also found this tweet from November 20, 2017 from someone who mentions Sense8 has filmed there, and we know filming wrapped in Berlin a little earlier on November 12, 2017, so maybe they really filmed there for the finale..:

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@ sense8 was filmed in #schwuz, like niiice !! Just before I got there for the first time <3 #schwuzberlin #lgbt #berlin # sense8 # RenewSense8
Tykwer for the most part didn't film in Berlin for season 2, so that would normally point to the location being used for the finale, but like I said "for the most part". I think he did some minor work when they were shooting for the Christmas special, and also cameo'd with Lana during the New Years Eve scene..

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