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A B5 Map
There’s no official map of the B5 universe that I know of but I believe there’s been a few attempts by fans based on comments made on the show. You’ve probably found all this before but . . . .

A half serious attempt at explaining the B5 cartography.

This is the oldest attempt at a map that I remember seeing. (there’s probably a lot more earlier ones).

There are others, usually created by gamers for game mods etc.

Though none of it is canon, of course, and contain various holes and assumptions that any sceptic or armchair expert will be more than happy to point out. Some fans create – some fans just ‘comment’. ; )

The books
The guys over at B5TV sometimes hand out copies to folks when they come across them in the attic or garage. You may have better luck with some of them, or at least keep an eye on the forum.

Also, I remember reading that Summer over at the Babylon podcast is trying to get a collection together, she may be able to help out.
Glindros on here has connections with the Podcast. Perhaps he can tell you what Summer is up to and if she has any spare copies of any of the books.

Vorlon Language
Never heard of the written language being translated. Though I know some folks have tried creating a Narn and Minbari dictionary. There was talk of some official release which may have covered this, I’m sure Jan is more up on this. Also remember a few post from jms a long time ago about how some of the letters ,in minbari at least, correspondend to English, and mention of some possible invovement with a linguistic expert to help design stuff!!?. You can also download fonts of the various languages, including Vorlon.

Though like most/all of what I’m posting you most likely know all this anyway. Sorry for not being much help.

As for the Gideon stuff. jms has put some info on the Box in some of his replies but appart from that, haven’t a clue.

If no one responds to this then I’d try or B5TV. Those are two other forums which contain some knowledgeable folks as well.


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