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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
My favorite Stephen Furst memory:

About a year after Rick Biggs' death, there was a one-day memorial/fundraising con that I helped out at. Far from being depressing, it was a really wonderful day.

The way part of the fundraising worked is that the fans would buy tickets and then 'spend' them at actor's tables for autographs. There were two actors per table and one of us volunteers would collect the tickets. The table I helped at had Jerry Doyle and Stephen Furst.

There was a developmentally challenged lady in a wheelchair in the line and she was *so* excited to be there and meeting so many of the people whose characters she loved. She obviously worshiped every one of them. When she got to Stephen (who was at the far end of the table from me) she wanted the whole experience of 'paying' him personally so I went over to that end and helped him take the right number of tickets and he let her talk about her love for Vir and then came around the table to let me take a picture of the two of them. You just knew that she'd remember that day forever.

It was just a brief few minutes in a very busy day but the way he treated her was indicative to me what his true character was.
I never got to meet him, but I heard that he loved meeting fans. Just from watching videos of conventions and listening to interviews I can picture this.
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