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Ah yeah, happy with the Kosh projections and that, it just seems odd that he would shake Sinclair's hand when he / they were so unwilling to show themselves. I'm just being picky I'm actually happy there's still a mystery about it, its like life, not everything is easily explained. Keeps us on our toes

Ha ha, I've now got a mental image of Shadow's wearing shades and a sombrero after coming back from holiday!

Actually that description works for me! I remember playing Castlevania: Symphony of the night and the main character Alucard could transform into a cloud of smoke, a bat etc, and it reminds me of that slightly, in a 'its not the same at all' kinda way! I know what you mean tho, so I'll go with what you said

As for the Minbari, I noticed that too and took it to mean their caste. Wonder if it went further, if any of their bones altered after they chose their clan?

New question, and its probably because I haven't watched S5 for ages, but is B5 still independent when Lochley takes over? Just I would have thought security personnel uniforms would have changed back to EA when she took over, unless it wasn't directly under Earth control
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