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Okay, it's Opening Day for Underworld: Awakening so I've changed the thread title to ***Spoilers*** - not possible, SPOILERS - so if you don't want to be SPOILED,





Actually...I didn't really see much that I wasn't expecting. Lots of running, jumping, car action, shooting, bloodshed. Not a whole lot in the way of character moments but what there were were pretty good. Enough that I'd have liked a little more.

It was *short*, which I also knew from what I'd read online. Really, if it weren't for JMS' name on it, I'd never have spent 3-D prices on it (even if it were my sort of movie).

The introductory sequence did tell me what I needed to know so that I didn't have to wonder about it during the movie. There were some phrases that had me nodding and thinking I recognized JMS' phrasing and, though I know there were other writers, I couldn't help noticing the names David, Jacob and Sebastian.

One question, though: Why did they hang their frozen subjects upside-down? Didn't make sense to me.

Anybody else seeing it on opening day?

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