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Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
Netlfix are getting it, so I'm good.
Netflix are getting it in all regions but the US

Discovery's creator Bryan Fuller who left it for American Gods recently talked about the conflicts of vision he had with CBS:

He pitched it as an anthology, which the network didn't agree with, and he had issues with the pilot's director, budget, and push for less complex storylines the network wanted, among other things.

Some of Fuller’s ideas were tossed — from the more heavily allegorical and complex storyline to his choice of uniforms (a subdued spin on The Original Series trio of primary colors). “I got to dream big,” Fuller says. “I was sad for a week and then I salute the ship and compartmentalize my experience.”

Yet the piece of Fuller’s vision he was most specifically passionate about for so long — casting a woman of color to lead a Trek revival — was achieved. Producers hired Martin-Green a few months after Fuller left. Ironically, it was the production delays that made her casting possible.

Many months later, Fuller saw the Star Trek: Discovery trailer. How did he feel watching that? Fuller pauses. “What I can say is…my reaction was that I was happy to see a black woman and an Asian woman in command of a Starship.”
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