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Originally Posted by Jonas View Post
I thought it was... awful. More awful than I could have expected. So cold, sinister, militaristic... just not Star Trek, not even a little bit. Shoot first, ask questions later. Just no. Nothing about it made me want to watch another second. If Star Trek Beyond was a tiny step in the right direction (brighter, more hopeful, if still too full of violence), this is ten steps back.

You know what has the spirit of Star Trek nowadays? Sense8.
Yeah, I hear you. I will give it a few more episodes, as this is all pre-amble and set up thus far. I got a bit of a ST: BSG vibe from it. We'll see. I think they wanted to open the series with some high stakes and they definitely did that.

I must say that the Federation / Starfleet do not seem to deviate from the overall template laid down in the previous shows. I didn't get much of the 'shoot first, ask questions later' that you alluded to; at each instance of conflict Starfleet always attempt a peaceful resolution first. Seems in line with Trek... especially the 'we're exporers, not soldiers' line, which I thought was neat. It's perhaps far more Star Trek than the last 3 films!

As I said, hard to judge a show on it's pilot (think back to The Gathering). I will give it a bit of time to do its thing.
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