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Originally Posted by Ubik View Post

I must say that the Federation / Starfleet do not seem to deviate from the overall template laid down in the previous shows. I didn't get much of the 'shoot first, ask questions later' that you alluded to; at each instance of conflict Starfleet always attempt a peaceful resolution first. Seems in line with Trek... especially the 'we're exporers, not soldiers' line, which I thought was neat. It's perhaps far more Star Trek than the last 3 films!
Yeah, but the entire point of the story seemed to be that this was naive, that they should have shot first. They were wrong not to listen to Burnham and kill the Evil Ugly Space Native immediately. Very BSG, in that "what if we should be more like the bad guys?" way (and the polar opposite of B5's "what if we're becoming the bad guys?").
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