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I don't know if this has been discussed or not, but I wonder if working on the Babylon 5 Project wiki page would be an asset in this campaign.

I say this because when I started venturing into STar Trek, Memory Alpha Wiki was a key asset in my really getting into the franchise and falling in love with Star Trek.

I personally feel that it might be worth considering. Some place where people can go to learn more about the series, the characters, episodes etc. I'm sure there is a site but the wiki could make a great tool.

Here is the Star Trek wiki:

Similar but the Star Trek wiki has much more information and news. It also goes into depth about the books, series, etc. It gave news about just about everything related to Star Trek.

Now perhaps something similar can be done to the Babylon 5 Project wiki page. I really think it would be a valuable tool. In fact, I did a google search for Babylon 5. And the link for the wiki was number 4 or 5 on the list.

Just something to think about FWIW
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