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Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
Could be fun and it's a good deal cheaper than some of the B5 Books offerings, which are always good but sometimes a tad heavy on the wallet.
See I always look at the B5 Books as more like self-published books. I would like to know their numbers as far as number of units produced per each release. I would bet they are not getting rich off those high prices when it comes to cost to produce vs sales. Yeah I wish they were cheaper, but I also feel like there is a LOT of effort and love from a small group of individuals that goes into every release. I also wonder if the encyclopedia will be their final installment, other than finishing the Crusade stuff and/or a Stephen Furst tribute item. We'll see. JMS is going to have to get a reboot done so they can come up with future releases that don't rehash material from the scripts or encyclopedia.
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