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Originally Posted by Looney View Post
So team Jan, does JMS let you put the audio recording device next to him on the table?
I've been known to put the recorder near him on the table but it really depends on the set-up. At SDCC, there's almost always a microphone set up for people to line up to ask questions. I 'room-surf' to make sure I get a seat on the aisle as close to that microphone as possible so I get good coverage of both the question and JMS' answer.

I wonder if it is possible for you to get Press credentials with the extensive coverage you've provided over the years? Granted the coverage has been of one subject, but you are basically the primary JMS reporter. I don't think anyone else can make that claim. Lots of news agencies have reporters whom cover only one individual. The difference being you are just your own news agency.
Sorta-kinda-not-quite. Getting tickets for SDCC has gotten to the point of winning the lottery literally. There are estimates that as many as three quarters of a million people are vying for those 130K badges. With the help of a couple of friends, I've got Professional status (at least through next year) so the odds are much better, at least for now.

Why I do it, aside from the 'moderate-to-severe' obsession factor, is that over time I noticed that too many reports from conventions weren't accurate. Not generally lying, but not accurate to what JMS actually said. So though I started recording for my own review (the man talks *fast*), I also found it handy to be able to refer back to what was *actually* said, not what was reported. And there are usually so many things JMS touches on, it's also good to have the recording for the sake of reporting back to y'all. That way I can enjoy the moment but still be able to report back accurately.
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