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I'd agree with that. People (Mundanes/us) would no doubt clamour for some sort of protection from privacy invasions, companies would be unwilling to hire them as they could take secrets out of the office in their heads and use them either for blackmail or corporate espionage --- look at how so many firms these days have disabled their employees' computers from using flash drives, as a security concern!

EVentually the outcry would get so loud and so politically threatening that "the People" would demand something be done, that the telepaths be controlled in some way. This would surely lead to the setting up of the Psi Corps or something similar, or even the forced adminsitration of the drug Edgars was working on.

Either way, it would not look good for telepaths!
And as you said, Delenn, poor telepaths? Well, what about poor us, who would have to guard our thoughts, our secrets, suspect everyone (assuming no-one HAD to declare they were a teep, wear badges or something) and never truly feel safe or secure?
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