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In a world where all of this did happen a great deal of patience and understanding would go a long way. Classes would be a good idea where normals could ask questions and learn more about how exactly a telepath works, how their mind works. Can they hear every thought? Can they block them?

A form of sci corp would be needed, but just not the horrible kind we had in B5. (I am speaking of an ideal world, okay?) Telepaths would be trained how to use their talents, and most importantly how to control them. I believe that identifying badges would still be necessary as well as registering, but families should never be split up, and children should never be taken away from their parents. If telepaths needed a safe place to live then teeptown would be a good idea, but no one should be forced to live there against their will.

Special training centrers would be like day schools. Telepath children should be allowed to attend public schools but only after it has been established that they can control their abilities.

No work should be withheld from them, but they are required to disclose their abilities, their P rating. Maybe some sensitive occupations would have to be closed to them, but telepaths are people too, and as such deserve the same rights as normals, as long as they prove they can be trusted to abide by the rules, control their abillities and not to tell any secrets they may inadvertently learn without trying.,

One of the things that I really like about Crusade is the character of Matheson. It shows that telepaths can enter the military and that they can be trusted and valued crew members. One of the things that endeared me right away to Gideon was his open trust and loyalty to Matheson. He was not like Sheridan (as much as I love him he never really trusted the telepaths, and in his own way he used and abused them almost as badly as sci corp.)

Anyway, my point is that Crusade showed how it could work out for telepaths since apparently the good ones won the war? Bester and sci corp lost I know that much, and then things got a little better for telepaths. They will never be treated exactly the same as normals because they are not the same, and some things will always, of necessity be unfair, but I believe that as a world it would be our obligation to do whatever we could to make sure that telepaths were treated as fairly and kindly as possible.

I also think it's funny that other races have telepaths and they don't think anything of it. Take the minbari, for example. of course they were so far ahead of us culturally being ever so much older, that all minbari now had at least some telepathic ability. So maybe in another thousand years or so most humans will have some telepathic ability as well and telepathy will no longer be so feared. Just having the ability to know when you were being scanned and to be able to prevent it would probably go a long ways to helping people feel more comfortable.

Just remember telepaths are people too.
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