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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
I dunno. JMS has definitely pulled back a lot since the days of B5. It seems obvious that he probably had an idea that the cancellation was possible (probable?) but that he wasn't notified personally of the final hammer going down. If I were him, I'd be pissed.

That said, I keep feeling that there may well be a lot we don't know - and may never - that may have happened behind the scenes. The whole thing about the options lapsing, for instance. And the massive change between seasons JMS mentioned in this answer to my question:

There's more there than just the money aspect, I think. But it's all just a vague feeling but there's something about the "...I'd say it was more even-handed..." that strikes me as a bit off.

And he's said a whole lot more than Lana has, especially considering that season two was entirely her baby - even given the Ws famous shying away from publicity.
Yes, Jan... I get the same hunch. His responses have just been a bit blunt and muted. One thing that struck me as a bit odd was all the mentions of re-writes on set. I know JMS was always very very against any changes in his scripts or dialogue on B5. I wonder if that was a bit of a sticking point?

Yes, I am speculating massively here. But, I do sense a bit of distance, distance that I hadn't expected. Maybe he's just resisned to it as he's been through this all before with Crusade.
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