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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
This was news. I'd thought Netflix owned it from the get-go.

That's what I thought at first too, but:

Originally Posted by sense8ional View Post
edit An interesting thread:

I checked it myself. Season 1's episodes end with a copyright notice of: "2015 Reliance Entertainment Production 2 Ltd". The Christmas Special ends with "2016 Netflix Studios, LLC".

If that means that Netflix now fully owns Sense8 and also, that before Season 2 they didn't, I don't know. Or it could simply be that "Netflix Studios" didn't exist in 2015.
Later I learned that at least up to a certain point in 2015, Netflix didn't own any of their Originals, which would include Sense8. Based on info from this 2015 article:

See, Netflix doesn't actually own the hit shows it airs. They are, instead, owned by other companies that make most of the money off those shows. And while that makes business sense for Netflix right now, this is also the greatest weakness in the company's strategy.

The show is actually made by the studio, which incurs production expenses in the course of making that show. It then sells the show to a network (or, in the case of Netflix, a streaming service), which pays a licensing fee to the studio for the content. Sometimes, that licensing fee is large enough to cover the studio's production costs; other times, the studio operates at a loss in hopes of recovering its money further down the line. (You can read more about this in my piece on why shows get canceled.)


There's a theoretically possible world in which Netflix's options on its programs expire and they go to some other streaming service (though that world is many years away and hard to imagine existing).


As the world increasingly shifts to one where streaming is the dominant model for providing content — a world Netflix has largely invented, mind — and more and more companies set up their own streaming services, making deals with Netflix may come to seem less and less of a good idea. And in that world, Netflix will probably have to build up "Netflix Studios" or something similar into a major player.
Since then "Netflix Studios" has been created and Sense8's second season was made through that, per its credits.
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