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Originally Posted by Looney View Post
I would say it is worrisome that C was leaving the room before ("The Coming of Shadows") was over, but it sounds like maybe she wasn't in the mood to sit for the episode and was impatient to get to something else. I mean this is not a boring episode, so it is good you were watching this one if she was feeling impatient.
In C's defense, the episode was basically over when she stood up and started to walk away. The only thing that remained was Garibaldi and the ranger saying goodbye. That scene could be considered what Alfred Hitchcock called a "hat-grabber".

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
So would you say they like ("GROPOS")?
Yes, I think so. T certainly enjoyed the humor in the episode more than usual. He typically just chuckles a bit at the funny lines, e.g., G'Kar's complaint in "The Coming of Shadows". T laughed out loud heartily in "GROPOS". The last time he did that was at the elevator scene in "Signs and Portents".
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