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"All Alone in the Night"

I introduced this episode by saying it brought back some characters from the past (meaning General Hague and Neroon), and was famous for a dream sequence that hints at the future.

T remarked that Sheridan's question "What can possibly go wrong?" meant that something would certainly go wrong. During Ramirez's introduction in the Zocalo, T said something like, "So they still have the Dodgers?" After the space battle and abduction of the captain, T said, "Wow!" Later, when Sheridan awoke on the alien ship, T's comment was, "He's in a strange place."

This was C & T's twenty-second episode (we skipped "A Spider in the Web" and ten episodes from Season 1). Having now seen the equivalent of a full season, they are starting to comment on some of the details of show. This time T asked about the Starfury launch, and I explained how the rotation of the station carries them away. T also asked about the big opening at the front of the station and I explained that leads to the docking bays.

C asked a number of questions about the Narn (Talon). She asked if Sheridan and he were supposed to be friends, and if they already knew each other. I said that they had never met before. When Talon fainted, C asked if he had died, and I said, "No, he just passed out."

When Sheridan returned to the station and Kosh told him "You have always been here", C remarked "That's cryptic." I replied, "That's a Vorlon for you."

"Acts of Sacrifice"

I introduced this by saying, "As you recall, back in 'The Coming of Shadows', the Narn and the Centauri went to war. In this episode, you start to see the impact of that war." I also mentioned that this episode was famous for one scene and they would know it when they saw it.

And now, eleven episodes into Season 2, C finally spoke up about Keffer during the opening credits. She said, "Who's that guy? I don't think I've seen him in the show so far." And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the "memorable" Warren Keffer! I said that I didn't think he was in this one, but I would point him out if he appeared. And I was right - no Keffer in this episode.

T was impressed by the assembled Narns and said it must have taken hours to make up all those people.

C asked how they got G'Kar's eyes so red and I said they used red contact lenses. C also asked about Sheridan's link, "Does he have a radio in his hand?" I replied that it was merely stuck to his hand, not implanted.

T laughed when the Lumati told Ivanova they would conclude their deal by having sex, but neither C nor T had any comment about "the Ivanova dance".

C was a bit mystified by G'Kar's reaction at the end of the episode...

C: Why is he laughing?

ME: He's laughing and crying.

C: Why is he doing that?

ME: Because he hoped they would intervene militarily.

After the episode, C asked why they didn't bring the murdered Centauri back from the dead. With a little questioning I determined that she had misremembered Garibaldi's recovery after being shot in the back. I explained that he was in a coma, not dead, and that they used the alien healing device only after they had done everything they could using conventional (twenty-third century) medicine to "push him over the edge" back to consciousness.

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