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Once again: B5HD4:3

Brian Young tweet:
"In theory, how much would it cost to transfer ONE episode of B5 from archive film to HD, as proof of concept?"

JMS re-tweet:
"Not much at all since it's just a straight film-to-digital transfer from the original 4:3 masters. Pocket change."

Another JMS re-tweet about this:
"I can't do it, I don't own the film or have access to it. Only WB does and they have no interest. @PrimeVideo would have to ask them to do it and so far they haven't."


Why the heck, nobody [WB or AmazonPrime] is doing it?

So: perhaps ONE ep. -say SiL- to DVD; and publish it with some additional footage like commentaries/interviews with JMS, Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan and so on.

At low cost the "Powers to Be" could easily test the waters: if this would suck or would be a bumper sale.
Hopefully beeing the latter. What could lead them to transfer the whole series.

Remember: it's Friday the 13th!

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