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Yes, Tom I know all about those quotes and please don't rephrase what I said to "denying it". Never did anything of the sort. Let me repeat: "And frankly, I haven't seen any other statements from anybody who'd be sure to know better than he would. Nobody." Is that clear now? Obviously there were many people who were there but JMS is the one who had to sign off - quite literally for payment - on what was done. So again, I don't see that anybody else would know better. Could he be mistaken? Sure. But quit with the drumming up column inches.

As for your "expressed doubt about jms and his claims of creating a B5 movie" (see how easy true quoting is?), let me repeat: Bullshit. Why? Because things go into development all the time in show business. Just a partial list of the things that JMS has mentioned being in development over time that never came to fruition:

"The Flickering Light"
"Living Dead - the Musical"
"The Adventures of Apocalypse Al" both radio and webseries
"Repent Harlequin!..."
"Two Streets"
"The Dive"
"The Illustrated Man"
"Rod Serling's Night Gallery (with Stephen Furst)
"Vlad Dracula"
"Voices from the Dead"
"Red Mars"

and many, many more. So why are you fixated on the B5 movie? That's how it goes. At least 95% of projects in development founder. So please get over the idea that he's hungry for publicity.
"Fascism always comes in quietly, holding a flag in one hand and a holy book in the other, inching its way in. The bugles and drums only sound after they've already taken over and believe it's too late to do anything about it." JMS Twitter Dec. 24, 2017
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