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A couple of question courtesy of Jan, and a few more.

Why is it that all the experiments and zombiefied sensates were all about making them kill people? Seems there'd be other uses, too?

That's the only thing for which Whispers could get lots of covert money from govt' black budgets which he then siphon into his own interests

If we were shown those, I must've missed it. Or was that coming?

It was the scene in s2e1 where Will sees a gathering of guys in expensive suits as a zombie knifes a guard.

Thanks, will re-watch. Thought that was part of the earlier zombie experiments rather than Whispers own agenda/interests.

Correct, I was thinking about those who came later. Mea culpa.
J.M, we got a hint about the ending of almost every character, but nothing about Nomi and Capheus. could you reveal something, pls?

I can only convey the points about which there was final consensus among us; some characters were still in flux.
You maybe answered this before, if so sorry! I looked for it. All the Sensates are amazing of course, but who's your favorite and why?

Let's just say that there is an awful lot of my own personal history in Wolfgang.
Were Dani, Hernando and Amanita latent senates?

@straczynski u said u could only tell us things that were agreed to happen to certain characters, did u have anything in mind for Lila?

Nothing pleasant.
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