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Originally Posted by sarthaz View Post
I hate this article. It's all straw-(wo)men. I've had many discussions with people online and in-person, and these are not their complaints. For example, the problem with Holdo is that she's written poorly. We've been told for 2 films that Poe is the "best pilot in the resistance", clearly has favored-nation status with General Leia, and has proven himself to be impulsive and sacrificial; but Holdo is deliberately obtuse and dismissive of his reasonable concerns in the way bad writing creates entire plots that could be avoided with 15 seconds of conversation. This would be true if she were a man or a Porg.

But that's a minor complain. Most people who dislike this film start (and end) their complaints with how they handled Luke. People are mad at his choices. People are mad at his character arc. People say, "My Luke would never do that!!!" I disagree with them, and I like the way Luke was portrayed, but those complaints have nothing to do with race or gender.

We have real race and gender issues in our culture, but this article diminishes its goals by glossing over the legitimate issues people have with this film, and it grossly oversimplifies the reactions of millions of people.
Yes. I fully agree it can lean too far the other way too. I've seen a few instances of folks trying to 'out-feminist' each other, and it sometimes crosses the line into plain silly. I think the argument applies primarily to the Rey criticisms, which is perhaps more a Force Awakens thing. The new film, yes, it has some VERY sloppy plotting, and the Holdo / Poe is fairly dumb. Of course the Rebel Alliance top brass don't communicate with each other!? Why would they do that?! I understand the anger coming from hardcore fans. I took it as a big dumb action movie in space, and it did just fine for me on those terms. But yeah, it's far from perfect and the more I discuss it, the more I see the problems.
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