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Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
Yes. I fully agree it can lean too far the other way too. I've seen a few instances of folks trying to 'out-feminist' each other, and it sometimes crosses the line into plain silly. I think the argument applies primarily to the Rey criticisms, which is perhaps more a Force Awakens thing. The new film, yes, it has some VERY sloppy plotting, and the Holdo / Poe is fairly dumb. Of course the Rebel Alliance top brass don't communicate with each other!? Why would they do that?! I understand the anger coming from hardcore fans. I took it as a big dumb action movie in space, and it did just fine for me on those terms. But yeah, it's far from perfect and the more I discuss it, the more I see the problems.
I get that they're trying to teach Poe a lesson, but come on.

It's interesting how all our reactions seem to change with time. I think that speaks to how embedded this franchise is into our core, and for most people directly associated with childhood memories. For me, the flaws were glaring when I first saw it. But with time, those things started to fade and the brilliance of its deeper story took prominence. By my second viewing, I found I had gone from "Meh" to "I think I love this movie". Others, however, seem to have gone from "I guess that was fun" to "Ugh ... I think I hate this".

A good friend of mine hated it, and he explained to me how Luke Skywalker is his childhood hero. I realized in that moment that Luke wasn't my hero. Jim Kirk is more likely my childhood hero. I've seen the Star Wars films literally hundreds of times, but they're just fun to me, and I've always preferred Han and Leia to Luke anyway. Luke's boring. He goes from whiny farm-boy to distant self-important bore, and I've never really gotten that excited about him. So the new film doesn't attack anything I hold particularly dear in my childhood heart. In fact, I think they finally make Luke worth caring about. But if Luke's your spirit animal, I can see how it pokes at things you don't want poked at.
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