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I don't particularly idealize Star Wars, but I think TLJ is one of the worst-written movies I've ever seen. It feels like the person who wrote it doesn't even understand the basic principles of how to structure a story. And I don't buy that it's somehow "unusual" and original - it's just awful and incoherent.

What it feels like is one of those plots written by an algorithm. Like they fed the previous movies into a computer and it rearranged them into this. (It's the scene where Luke vanishes like Obi-Wan! But he doesn't! But he does!) Also, I would argue that Kylo Ren might just be the very worst character I have ever seen in any work of fiction. The movie's an incoherent mediocrity, but Kylo really stands out in the supreme idiocy of his conception and execution.

It doesn't commit the violence to the original story that the The Force Awakens did (destroying everything they achieved, not even being able to understand the concept of restoring the Republic), but TFA was at least a coherent series of events.

Then again, I like the prequels, so I'm clearly in the minority.
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