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Originally Posted by sarthaz View Post
It may be your theater. First time I saw it was 3-D, and it was crisp and clear. Second time was 2-D, and it was 30% darker and really hard to make out some scenes.
WOW! It might be your theater. That is the exact opposite of every 3D experience I or anyone I know has had with 3D. Some of my friends won't go to 3D showings anymore just because it seems darker than the 2D showings. I can't speak to that fact with this movie because I have only seen the 3D version, but I will say this 3D version did seem crisper and brighter than many 3D experiences I've had before. Of course the technology is always improving, but I've yet to come across any example where the 3D version seemed brighter than the 2D version. I know when I saw The Force Awakens in 3D with 8 of my friends, 6 of them complained that the screen was too dark. But the point is, sarthaz, that I just want to argue the point because I've never heard anyone make that claim before. I don't doubt that you are telling the truth, but we need some pot-stirring around here right. lol
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