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Camera equipment getting readied for shipping!


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1) These are brand new clapperboards (new color), and they still do use "The Wachowskis" for the director's name. Unless Lilly is returning (unlikely, but not impossible), it is weird they don't just credit Lana. It was the same case for last season, but since the clapperboards were identical to season 1's, I thought perhaps they were just reusing them from the time the sisters were directing together. But this time? Hm...

2) Good to know John Toll returns as DP!

3) Notice the name: "Special II (for the fans)". As Lana would like to call it ("In 2018 there will be another special", she said in her letter).

4) Rivetti also calls it "s2.13" aka the 13th episode of the second season in his post's description. Interesting way of putting it.

5) Sony camera, so I guess they are using again the F55.

6) Ship date is 20/9, but I don't think they will start filming immediately anyway.
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