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According to this image posted on reddit:

production is looking for 6 extras to play SWAT team members for October 4, 6 and 7 in Berlin. So it looks like filming will begin in Berlin first (and why not, since the cast will already be there for the table read, prep etc).

Peter Walpole gets a promotion for the special from Supervising Set Director to Production Designer, replacing Hugh Bateup.

2017 – The Sense8 – Finale! After an amazing demand from all Sesne8 fans. Netflix agreed to make a 2 hour special, wrapping up the series. This time I am the Production Designer.
The reason behind it is that likely Bateup had already signed to work on another project before Netflix brought the show back:

SA film Corp Adelaide. Home for the next 6 months.
Posted on early June, just 5 days after Netflix announced Sense8's cancellation.

It will be interesting to see who else from the crew won't be able to make it, although from what I've seen I think most of them will be able to return.

Lastly, by September 21, Middleton had yet to go to Berlin or dye/bleach her hair, since she appeared on the BAFTA screening of the episode she is in of PKD's Electric Dreams that day:


The awesome @Twopencemiddleton at tonight’s @BAFTA screening of @Channel4 excellent #philipkdick #electricdreams #tuppencemiddleton #TheCommuter ‬#philipkdickselectricdreams #sense8 #theimitationgame #jupiterascending #warandpeace
I don't know where she or the others that weren't yet in Berlin the previous days currently are. It is possible there are still several of the 8 that have yet to get there. A theory regarding why the actors behind Will and Sun went there first is that they usually are involved with action scenes, so they need more time to prepare than the other actors. Same goes for detective Mun, based on last season. Riemelt also usually has action scenes to do, but he lives in Berlin anyway. Who knows if he is already prepping with the others.
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