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Sinclair's Fan, that was a great letter. Thanks to you (and your missus) for sharing it.

Glad to see you've joined us here, DaveNarn! Thanks for doing a video, and I hope to see it soon. Ranger Jenny's a busy student but I'm sure she'll get it up as soon as she can.

Other folks, remember that these don't have to look professional, they just need to look sincere.

Sandra, as I've looked further into Thunderclap, I can't find anything negative so I definitely will be moving ahead with it. I'm going to step up my efforts to get the website up and running so we can do this. Thanks again!

Has anybody else written letters they'd care to share? I'm looking at having a page where some sample paragraphs will be available for people to use as inspiration or even copy parts of when composing their own letters.

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