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Originally Posted by flobo View Post
It's always been unclear to me when the english in B5 is only there "for the audience" or when it's really there.

I mean, surely they don't really speak english at the centauri royal court.
So it could be another of those translated for audience thing.
JMS has stated that two Centauri alone in a room (or gathered in the emperor's presence) are understood to be speaking their native tongue. From 4 November 1993:

"...yes, they will speak in their own languages when amongst their own kind...but just as with a WW II movie, when you show the germans talking to one another, it'll be English. On those occasions when someone speaks Narn around humans, then of course it's another language, and will sound that way."

That said, I don't think we ever saw evidence of written language being translated for the audience's convenience. The Books of G'Quan and G'Kar were both in Narnish, as was G'Kar's dictation in--I think--"The Coming of Shadows."

Presumably, given that Valen was writing a confidential note to Sinclair, he would have used English since it would have afforded guaranteed confidentiality from the letter being written until Minbari linguists decoded English during the war.
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