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Originally Posted by JasonDavis View Post
Not so much a question as an observation.

When Rathenn delivers Valen's letter to Sinclair near the beginning of "War Without End" Part One, he wonders aloud "How did he know your name?"

I think Rathenn is missing the forest for the trees. His question should have been "How did [Valen] know Modern English?" given that Middle English was still being spoken on Earth, circa 1360.

I think an argument could be made for Valen being the earliest author of Modern English in the B5 universe.
Middle English may have been spoken on Earth c.1360 but
a) why would the Minbari actually know anything about it when they learned the modern English vernacular
b) They'd never heard of Earth until 2245.

But getting back on topic, yes Valen was the first person in the B5 universe to use modern English. He should have copyrighted it
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