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I noticed this morning while visiting IMDbPro that "Living Dead: The Musical" has moved from the "Television in Production" section (apparently there's not enough demand for "Web Series in Producion") to the "Past Television" section along with Jeremiah, Crusade, B5. When you click on the page itself, it shows as still being in pre-production and there's no cast or other information as yet but hopefully this means there will be news soon.

It got me thinking about the info JMS gave us back at SDCC last year so I went to the YouTube video and wrote down the song titles JMS revealed:

"There Were Zombies in Jersey and Nobody Cared"
"Stop Shooting at Me"
"It's not my fault that I'm Dead"

...and there's something about a choir, I think but I couldn't hear clearly.

Since this is a project entirely in the control of Studio JMS we shouldn't have to go through the interminable waits for some studio publicity department to roll the bones and read the chicken entrails (not that I think Pat would allow that one) as to the most auspicious time to announce it (unless, of course, Studio JMS has one already (oh, please...NO!)).

Staying tuned...

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