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"John Carter" movie

I've wanted the Barsoom books by Edgar Rice Burroughs to be movies for as long as I can remember...maybe only second to wanting to see Anne McCaffrey's Dragonrider books on the big screen.

What I've seen in previews has been encouraging but I've been concerned about the lack of mention of Mars or Barsoom or ERB. So when Bruce Boxleitner tweeted last night that he loved the premiere on Wednesday, I asked him about it:

Jan Schroeder‏@JanMSchroeder

@boxleitnerbruce Is "John Carter" fairly faithful to the book(s)? I'm so hoping it will be! Thanks.

Bruce Boxleitner‏@boxleitnerbruce

@JanMSchroeder Yes very much ! !

11:22 PM - 24 Feb 12via Twitter for iPhone À Details
So I'm looking forward to this even more, now.

(pretending it's not really cool to have Bruce Boxleitner answer her Tweet )
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