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All right, folks...I don't recommend things (well...non-B5 things) very often but this time I am and it's important if you want more movies done right. Go see JOHN CARTER. It *should* have been touted as being based on the Barsoom books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It *should* have been named JOHN CARTER OF MARS - and we do get both of those at the very end. The movie does it right. It's not the books, it's a movie of today based on a book written early last century but it does it all while keeping the spirit of the books. You've got the brave fighting man, the beautiful princess (and she's a scientist and warrior, to boot!), fierce aliens, intrigue, sword short, it's nothing like the trailers and previews you've seen. Please...go see this and make it a success because they did it *right* (did I mention that they did it right?).

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