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JMS' hints how the story would have continued / concluded

Obviously don't read this thread unless you've seen all 2 seasons. JMS' tweets in bold.

Can I just get some closure at least ? What happens to all the characters ? Do they get justice ?

They would get justice, and they would change the world forever. For the better.
If we hit it out of the ballpark, can we get a synopsis on what happens to Wolfgang? ����

Let's just say: it was Whispers who put Wolfgang in there, so it's only apt that he be traded (sorta intact) to get Wolfgang back out again.
Phew thank god my wolfie was safe!! Do kala and Wolfgang get together?

Let's just say I believe in happy endings and leave it at that.
We always thought that for S8 to feel real one of the 8 would have to die, but we couldn't decide who, so we figured we'd pick the most...

...annoying cast member and kill that character. But all the cast members were terrific. So much for that plan.
If u had to pick one, who would you pick and why?

Nothing was ever set, no specific plans, but Will has always struck me as a man looking for something worth dying for.
It's funny; writers tend to return to certain themes. Check the Silver Surfer's final gift to mankind in Requiem, imagine it permanent.
and what exactly would he be dying for? is that why you just told us to read silver surfer requiem?

oh wow... will might have died in all this! well that was a plot twist i would have died to see!

Let me restate: we never set this, nothing was finalized/formalize, we only ever knew it had to be one of them. The rest is just my opinion.
@straczynski I just want to know which of the cluster would have given birth? Please tell me you know!

It could have been all of them, in the biggest cluster imaginable...maybe...really, who can say?
@straczynski some questions we never got answered .... are all clusters born in groups of 8??

No, clusters come in all sizes, but 8 is an exceptionally and unusually large cluster.
Of course our cluster is exceptional ❤

And in a very odd sort of way, that's exactly the point of, and destination for, the whole show.

Couldn't kill Riley...Riley becomes Che Guevara (minus the events in Bolivia)....
@straczynski may I ask; was Riley intended to birth a new cluster? I always felt that her motherly qualities were what made her so special.

Yes, along with the others, on a considerably more massive scale.
@straczynski Can you talk about Sun ? What was your plans for her ?

Detective survives, ID's brother as shooter, plea bargain, wraps up Sun's alleged guilt, she gets her life back.
My last question: is Angelica conscious in the cluster or just an echo? I thought an echo until she was apologizing to Wolfgang in the end

When part of you lives on in someone else's consciousness, like a neural upload to an AI, what is death after that?
I think JMS pretty much revealed how it was going to end; our cluster of sensates is very special and all 8 (or 7, since 1 of them was going to die) give a massive sensate birth, which I think, he hints it to be the entirety of humanity, changing the world forever.

I am sad that we won't get to see that, but I like it very much, and I'm very happy he told us.

If he says more I'll post it in this thread.
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