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Old 10-26-2017, 12:10 PM
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You are welcome and thanks for the correction!

I have added some more press pictures and videos referring to yesterday's filming at the bottom of my previous post.

So.. today's (October 26) set was


The scene shows Will (with other sensates following behind) meeting and hugging someone.. is that Diego? And Puck is there as well I think..

(Translation: )

Mergellina: the first scene of Sense8 is turned around

Hundreds of fans in front of the Mergellina station: the first scene of Sense8, the famous Netflix series, films. Among the actors are Max Riemelt, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Doona Bae, Tina Desai, Toby Onwumere, Brian J. Smith and Rajan Rasal. The staff requests silence. Someone screams: "Clapperboard, action" and the actors come out of the station with a group of extras. A scene shot from hundreds of smartphones.
Another video of the locations, dozens if not 100+ of fans, Lana bows to them as she makes preparation to film, then some of the fans are interviewed:

The crew of Sense8 in Mergellina

"Still a bath of Neapolitan crowd for the crew of Sense8, the popular American science fiction series released by Netflix. After the Rione Sanita, this morning actors and maestrants turned to the Mergellina subway station. A lot of fans waiting for the early hours of the morning. Delusion, applause and selfie at the arrival of the cult director Lana Wachowski, author of genre masterpieces such as the Matrix trilogy "

Continuingo filming, in Naples, of the final episode of Sense8, science-fiction TV series Netflix. Production has now moved to Mergellina, where they turned between the station and the surrounding areas.

Lots of enthusiasts have come up with a long and tidy row outside the Line 2 stop to be able to watch closely the protagonists (including Doona Bae, Brian J. Smith, Tuppence Middleton, Max Riemelt) of the work of Lana and Lilly Wachowski sisters (Matrix, Cloud Atlas).

Meanwhile, the production has donated € 7,000 to the San Gennaro Community Foundation, financing the construction of a pedestrian square in via Vergini, in the heart of Sanita. The municipality supported production during shooting yesterday at the Palazzo dello Spagnuolo, an eighteenth-century building just off Via Vergini.
A video, Riemelt, Lana and fans:

Now that I finished with the press I will take a look at social media. And oh boy, at a first glance I see an enormous amount of posts to go through.. Makes sense with a hundred of smartphones recording and production / Lana giving free access to the public / fans.


Silvestre has Bae speak Spanish, look how super cute both of them are together!!

The fake cafe set:
Ditto: geotagged Lungomare Di Mergellina

BTS with the sensates coming out of the station... + sidekicks...!
From the side:

And yes, that was Diego that Will meets and hugs. 3rd picture here:
edit 3rd picture here, the clearest yet: it's undoubtedly Ness Bautista.

edit Here too:

Fans patiently waiting! LOOK.AT.THAT!! So many!!
edit or this!!

Fangirls screaming as Silvestre appears:

French fans got *nothing* on the Italian ones haha. (Kidding.) Also looks like the cast have bodyguards. eg Silvestre on the video, Riemelt here:

Video from Silvestre's stories:

Lana bows to the fans: (Also spotted Toll, which means he is the DP of all 4 cities.)
More videos with Lana:

Bunch of pictures of the cast on the set:

Chairs on set:

Fans sing What's Up to cast:
Ditto on the second video here:

Good to see Matty Sidle still on the payroll and shooting BTS (I just hope we see it one day..)

A look at Puck's new ridiculous what's-with-the-hair wig:
Also the 7th picture here:
And 3rd picture here:

Sommers hugging fans:
More hugs by Lana and some cast:
And more:
Sommers is hilarious in the third video here: Also spotted a crew member wearing a Jupiter Ascending t-shirt!

Bae & Middleton, super cute:

Clapperboard on the last picture here:

Still says 2.12

Dunno if the fancy car or the van are part of the shoot: edit Yes they are I believe.

edit Van again:

Is this their hotel?

edit Yes it is:

I won't name it here, but you can find out which it is by visiting the above links.

edit Maybe there is a second hotel too?

late edit: No, I think it's one.

No time to embed pictures. Maybe in Friday-Sunday I'll be able to revisit my last two posts and embed some.

edit Some more October 26 press:
http://corrieredelmezzogiorno.corrie...9f22dc6e.shtml <- Many pictures <- Mentions again the $7,000 donation and also has a video. Pictures Pictures Brief press in English and pictures
This too mentions the donation: 500 fans? "On the set set up at the railway station in Mergellina, the fans of the series gathered. About 500 people who have been waiting outside the station for the cast of the series."

This refers to the events of October 25 and it's a very good description:
Another very good description of Oct 25:
Pictures from October 25: http://corrieredelmezzogiorno.corrie...5e597313.shtml
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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Old 10-28-2017, 03:38 AM
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October 27 press:

It has 37 pictures of Lana directing a scene with Will, Wolfgang and Lila walking at "Via dei Tribunali".,_Naples

edit Same photos also here:

Video of the same: and a sea of fans!!!

October 28 press:

Today they are filming action scenes in Castellammare di Stabia and Pozzano:

Action. Castellammare di Stabia becomes a movie set for a well-known American TV series that is depopulating on Netflix, a reference point for film and television internet distribution. The cast of Sense8 will film some action scenes between the ancient center and Pozzano and for the occasion the stretch from Piazzale Amendola to Via Panoramica was closed to traffic in order to allow the actors and the staff to carry out the shooting. Between 7.00 and 18.00, therefore, the adventures of the "sensate", protagonists of the TV series with special extrasensory perceptions, will take place in Castellammare di Stabia, which is why the ban on stop and traffic on the road Acton, in the stretch between Salita Pozzano and Piazzale Amendola, and via Brin, in the segment that goes to the Fincantieri plant and the intersection with Via Acton, except obviously for the production media that will have to contribute to filmmaking.

Same here:

Palpable is the satisfaction of Mayor of Castellammare, Antonio Pannullo, who through his Facebook page said: Today our city is the scene of action scenes of SENSE8, an American television series of science fiction among the most seen except the most sighted on Netflix. From Piazza Amendola to the streets of the Panoramica ai bagni di Pozzano will be a cinematic set.
And here:

Pics from Costiera sorrentina:

( This place: )

Naveen Andrews has joined the shoot!

From October 27:

A sea of fans surround the cast at La Neapolis Sotterrata: geotagged Complesso Monumentale San Lorenzo Maggiore Napoli - La Neapolis Sotterrata
By Gurry:

27.10.17: Napoli. Italy.. Grazie to the lovers and dreamers of Naples who came out to shower us with their unreserved warmth and unconditional love. One of the most outrageous experiences of my life shooting on the streets of this beautiful city!!! Creating moments we shall never forget... #evidentelySense8isverypopularinItaly #sense8special #puck #neverforget #takethat @miguelangelsilvestre @desaitina @twopencemiddleton @tobyonwumere @smithespis @maxriemelt @msjamieclayton @purab_kohli @doonabae
Pictures with Lana:

Lana gives instructions to the actors:
Filming of a scene: at San Gregorio Armeno

They filmed this scene where Kala, Rajan + Wolfgang (WTF..), Felix and Capheus and maybe Will (I don't think he is there, I think he is just visiting because he doesn't appear in all the pictures/videos) are chilling together eating.. Hm... <- Lila is supposed to enter the scene while our group eats. Notice her in the last picture. <- This might be the moment that Will notices her. <- Lila again, Wolfgang notices her. <- Okay this is the best I found, Lila comes to Wolfgang <- Duplicate of the above <- Similar, not as good

Lana gives direction in pictures 2 and 3:

A look at the set: geotagged San Paolo Maggiore


And then Will, Wolfgang and her walk around at Via dei Tribunali: (the last page)

Before filming it:

Diego with the same shirt as the previous day, so the scenes are connected:

Pictures of the monitors from the shoot:

Will got on a taxi during the previous day's shoot, and I think he is supposed to come out of a taxi on the new scenes they shot the next day:
edit Yup:

Or not, maybe it's just the actors' transporation method..

late edit: No, this is definitely a scripted scene:

Naples shoot badge, again:

Chairs at via dei Tribunali:

Cast on some balcony at Tribunali:

Other pics: Sommers is not filming that day but "I wouldn't be anywhere else, my friends are here, I love Napoli and you guys are so amazing. This is Sense8”


Still says 2.12

Look what fans gave to the cast:


Pic by Smith:


Lana and @doonabae at the office. @sense8
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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Old 10-28-2017, 02:22 PM
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From today, October 28:


Lana on location:

Silvestre on location, Castellammare di Stabia:
Riemelt too:
Andrews too:

And several other cast members:

Filming for car action scene with Will, Wolfgang and Jonas:

At Il Bikini:

Look at that!!

By Middleton:


By Onwumere:


Only the very best for the sensates... @audiuk - catching the last of summer in the fast lane! We ❤️ you Napoli. @sense8 @netflix @tonyameli
Some more pics and videos of the car scene shoot:

edit Another video:

Cast gets in the car:

very late edit A video:

More tomorrow. edit All my recent posts now have embedded pictures!
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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Old 10-28-2017, 09:12 PM
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Is that a Hernando double? Man, sucks Herrera won't actually be present in so many scenes with Hernando.
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Old 10-29-2017, 12:28 AM
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Good eye! I usually post my stuff the way I encounter them so by the time I realized Herrera is not in Italy I had forgotten about his appearance in that video.

I hope he films a couple of big scenes then to offset his absence from the rest, and that he's not like in just the fireworks wedding party ending.

It's unfortunate Herrera and Agyeman have other responsibilities and can't film all the time but overall availabilities worked very well to be fair given how quickly everything happened. At least the 8 are fully available.

Now if someone could explain why Kala's entire family is unavailable...

BTW, this is an interesting post by Gurry about the Eiffel Tower shooting:


22.10.17: Paris. France: What do LITO and PUCK dream about after 16hrs at The Eiffel Towel??? Maybe who gets married, who dies, who thrives, who survives, who lives, who loves and who gets Pucked in the #sense8special ???? Once in a lifetime up there under the fireworks with the @sense8 familia.. stay tuned. BTS with @miguelangelsilvestre #netflix #sense8 #kingsoftheostriches #eiffeltower #lito #puck

edit It's called "Season 2 Finale" on the confidentiality agreement that extras(?) sign:

My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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Old 10-30-2017, 01:28 PM
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Some more press:

Written today, October 30, it provides a summary and schedule:

After the trials of an action sequence at palazzo dello Spagnuolo, where shots are scheduled this morning and tomorrow, the crew of "Sense8" (a series that tells the intricate events of eight "sensible", sentient, able to develop deep psychic connections with their own likes) moved to Mergellina on Thursday for a day at the subway station, used to rebuild a Liberty style bar called "The True Sweet Taste". So on Fridays, Wachowski and her team tested the production and commodity safety device, running outdoors in the daytime along the Decumani, as usual crowded with tourists and Neapolitans. There, a few meters from the entrance to Naples Underground, while the actors sat in front of the camera at a pizzeria set by stage designers, hundreds were left assailed at the sides of the set from early dawn lights until late afternoon for a selfie or autograph of their own goods.

Yesterday, however, they were pleasantly surprised to have been the citizens of Castellammare di Stabia, since the shooting took place in the city of Sorrento peninsula between Piazza Amendola, the streets of Panoramica to the baths of Pozzano. This is always with the inevitable group of followers, ready to document the real-time event on social networks with photos, videos and comments. Today and tomorrow, as it is said, production returns to Naples, between piazza Cavour and Sanita, for two intense days of shooting inside the palazzo dello Spagnuolo and outside. On Tuesday it will be back to the Decumani, at San Biagio dei librai and inside the palazzo Marigliano, while the final days will be at the port (San Vincenzo pier) and the railway.
3 pictures from October 29, where they shot at Palazzo dello Spagnuolo:

Some more:

with a video from October 29 shoot:

Here is another:

Haven't had the chance to see any social media posts since Saturday evening due to some bullshit I had/have to deal with that took all my time, but I will see if and what I can do about it.

edit Silvestre receiving yet another gift...

@miguelangelsilvestre and the Mozzarella!
�� #sense8 #miguelangelsilvestre #litorodriguez #sense8napoli
Some more from the car chase scene, Jonas is riding shotgun while Will is driving, and more, geotagged Castellammare di Stabia:

@miguelangelsilvestre and the Mozzarella!
Van again:

Van in action scene:

Sunday 29 shoot:

Silvestre going to the Palazzo dello Spagnolo set in costume:

Lana and Karin coming to set: "Lana! Lana! Ciao Lana!"

Cast coming to set: <- Notice they use a double ( ) for Agyeman and that Koeiyama is part of it (Speaking of check his photos with the cast in Naples: )
Look at all those fans:

Sensates on a tour bus:
Kohli's pic: from Stories <- Agyeman double again.

Some more videos:
Watch the third video: for BTS

Lana directs: <- last video

Look how destroyed the bus becomes from the gunfire:

Another look at the set:

Italian actors:

Another clapperboard: and the name of the Italian production company (Lotus Productions SRL US)
And another:

Now we are talking!! Sun & Mun kicking ass.. again!!

Same + another action scene: <- Same as above
Many recordings of that second action scene - notice Herrera's double: Failed take, haha?

More pics:

Still shooting at night:

edit Silvestre giving a kiss before filming:
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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Yesterday, October 30, filming continued in Palazzo dello Spagnolo.

Cast arriving: Winslow in 3rd pic

Sommers RUNS to hug the fans:

I imagine for many of the actors, especially the lesser known ones, they will never find such a big fanbase waiting for them!


Night shoot, same day, maybe?

Fans were given as a souvenir the bullets they shot that day:


Un piccolo souvenir dal set di #sense8 ����✌️#souvenirdalset #naples #bullet #amazing #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #happy #like4like #picoftheday

I see some references to Silvestre leaving Napoli on October 30: Translation: "Miguel while leaving Naples, today was his last day of shooting"

@miguelangelsilvestre is leaving... this is one of the most beautiful moments I have ever lived. Thank you for your smile and to be what you are. ITALY LOVES YOU��
#miguel#miguelsilvestre#sense8#sense8napoli#litose nse8#bestdayever#sense8italy#lito

Stream from Gurry: Mann now in Naples, playing the piano and singing with the rest of the cast Hallelujah!

You can see model Soo Joo (Park) in the video - she was cast in the second season as Sutra, the sensate that gave Puck the warning that "the Cannibal is hunting".

edit: Long stream by Joo:

Joo's shoot must have been only 1-2 days long as early in the morning (in Italy) today she said she had finished:

I might have time to go to the hotel gym & sauna today, or go sightseeing for a couple hours before my airport pickup—or stay in bed.
Naples was lit ☄️
(Her season 2 pic with Lana: )

Joo with the cast:

edit Joo going on set with the others on October 30:

October 31 stuff start here:

Riemelt and Kohli arriving to the set:

Other cast members:

Lana and Winslow in some store, Winslow has an 8 tattooed at the back of her neck:

Lana with camera crew:

Lana with her Halloween mask:

Same + cast:

Halloween masks for the stunt team too:

Cast on set:

Another Italy badge pic:

Some update on their schedule from a fan:

(Translation: )

Hi, I'm sorry, but by accident you know where they film tomorrow ??
ilaria.ippolito_@toreesposito Hello! Tomorrow they do not film, it's a rest day, from what I know they will turn Thursday to the interior of St. Vincent's dock but I do not know if it will be accessible because it is a military zone
toreespositoCapisco thank you very much
mariaf_@ilaria.ippolito_ hello sorry, tomorrow do you know for sure they will not film?
ilaria.ippolito_@mariaf_ yes
Closing October 31, now up to date, here are a couple of posts by a fan who met Lana and Karin:

Karin today visited my boyfriend’s dad antiques store. She loved it and gave me the possibility to go on the set of @sense8
Thank you @veritas_viriditas , it was the best Halloween I’ve ever had ��
Always support art ❤️


So this happened half an hour ago! ��

It was a crazy day, I think I’ve never been so lucky!

Karin (Lana’s wife) is such a nice person, she took me and Leonardo’s sister on the @sense8 set. I met Michael Sommers in the Palazzo Marigliano Hall, he had a Pulcinella muppet given as a gift from a person in the toys hospital and I told him that my mother once told me she took my broken ceramic doll to the toys hospital which, in Naples, actually means to throw a toy away.
I then saw Kick (Puck) and he’s so handsome but I was distracted and I couldn’t talk to him.

Karin brought us up to the real set and put us in a small corner near the make up section. She told us to switch our phone off and to be silence during the scenes. During a scene and another, Karin went to Lana and told her she bought some Fortune Statues and that I asked to get to the set, Lana came to us and presented herself and gave me to kisses, she was so nice but she couldn’t stay much because she was working. @miguelangelsilvestre wasn’t there but I saw his double who sit in front of me to have his make-up fix! Then I saw all the actors! @twopencemiddleton sit in front of me and believe me, she’s so beautiful and her hair is just amazing!!! I saw Doona, Jamie, Tina, Max, Brian, Terrence (Whispers), Erendira (Daniela), Max (Felix), Toby (who was so kind and Karin took a picture with us and told me “I love your hair”), @valeriabilello (I told her Ciao! She is seriously beautiful!!!!) and Sukku Son (Detective Mun).
I’m so happy and I’m shaking, I was crying when I told my mum and she thought something bad happened to me ��
Karin told me “you’re so lucky, you almost saw all the Sense8 in one room”, and I was lucky! Not only for that, but for the whole experience. You don’t wake up in the morning thinking you’ll be on the set of @Sense8 with a 9yo. Thank you @veritas_viriditas I know that Fortune’s statuses will give you a lot of fortune ❤️ I wish you the best and I’ve never stop being thankful for the opportunity you gave us! Enjoy Naples
Looks like they are using a double for Silvestre since he left yesterday.


(Translation: )

Vico Equense - New footage from Sense8 produced by Netflix at Vico Equense. The US science fiction television series, created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski, has formulated a request to be able to film a car on the state road 145 Sorrentina. A cabrio car travels on the road and the actors talk inside. The car then stops at the parking lot near the parking lot of the Bikini factory. The actors descend and control the contents of the trunk. This is the sequence dynamics that will be shot next November 3. Born from the visionaries of the creators of Matrix and Babylon 5, the series started in 2015, had been canceled by Netflix last June, but fan protests and petitions forced the platform to step back. So a special episode was announced that will air in 2018.
Sounds like November 3 they will shoot again with a car in Vico Equense? Although the sequence of events sounds like what they already shot the last time they were there, so maybe there's some mix-up.
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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Tomorrow's shoot + production sent a letter to the community of Naples to thank its people!

(Translation: )

The shooting of the final episode of Sense continues in the city. After setting up some scenes in the historic center, tomorrow, November 2, production will feature some scenes at the San Vincenzo Molo, a restricted area for the public in the Port Authority.

In a scene, and it also gives information to avoid alarms, an explosion will be simulated with the aid of special effects, and production, together with the authorities and bodies responsible, has taken all the security measures
suitable for the representation of this effect.

The shootings are scheduled between 7am and 6pm and - compatible with the best wind and light conditions - the scene in question will be shot one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

In a note sent to the Commune, the production "wanted to thank the people of Naples for the warm hospitality and the affection shown during the whole process."
Alt sources:

Minor press about October 31:

Silvestre might return to Naples (he says "Rome", but he also says he was in Paris for a month which isn't true, so, yeah..) to shoot some more?

CHANCE: How is the return home?

Miguel Angel Silvestre : Well, I think I have not landed, if I arrive last night and I'm going tomorrow morning to Rome to shoot the Sense 8 special, but if I can have a tortilla chip but I do not think it gives me time (laughs)
edit Another pic of the Naples shoot badge and of the script, still having the subtitle "Amor Vincit Omnia":

edit One more:

Naples badge again:

These 2 fans delivered a demo song to Lana and some of the cast with the hope it makes it to the show:

#missionesense8 #demo @sense8 @sense8official @sense8_italia my mission is completed! Now Lana Wachowski has got my demo song for sense8!!! ���� #lanawachowski

7 Pendrive given to @sense8 ‘s cast and crew with my music #demo �� one of this is directly in the hands of Lana Wachowski, the creator and director of the tv show. I’m very grateful. In the picture @thekickgurry #michaelsommers and my beautiful @romeotofani ☺️ #instaday #instagood #instalike #followback #followme #naples #missionesense8 #music #art #actress #actresslife #smile #grateful #hope #love #hopeful

7 pendrive
2 days
A songwriter, @fviolettaf, and a goal
#missionesense8 accomplished!
Thanks to @thekickgurry and #michaelxsommers like all the others that accept the demo
#mission #sense8 #song #demo #art #napoli #naples
Yesterday the cast and crew had a Halloween party. Some lucky fans were invited!!

(Translation: )

If 4 days ago I was told I would end up in a private party with all the cast of my favorite TV show and my beloved Lana Wachowski would never have believed.
And after 4 hours from the end of all this I still do not believe it is true, thanks to god thought @smithespis to give us evidence and to sneak into a video
Dancing with the people you love so much to come from Milan just for them, do you understand how rewarding and unrealistic you are?

Yet it happened, that joy that was missed in 2017 came and I would say it can be enough all year long
Anyway as the first decent Halloween, I would say that we are going to big �� # sense8 "I pray every single day
For a revolution ... "♥ ️��✈️ # sense8
Pics she got with the cast:

Another fan:

#sense8 #will #trip #lastnight #picoftheday #photo #surprise #happy #netflix

Smith and Riemelt partying:



#halloweenparty #sense8 #wachowski #set #naples #stunt #stuntlife #superscillabros #halloween #zucca #camera #ciak #film #netflix
Today, November 1, that they weren't filming fans camped out of the cast's hotel for hours to get pics of them:

(Translation: )

About 3 hours of sleep and 2 Redbull.
We place ourselves in front of the hotel @gilda_pisc and I from 8.45.
After about 2 hours, a small @maxriemelt walks out of the parking lot and lends itself to making photos, but being two sloths, we can get into the photos of other fans (notice my perfection in coloring the faces of other people). A @msjamieclayton and a @twopencemiddleton are seen from inside the hotel, but that's fine, I love the same. And finally he, @smithespis, who initially appears scurvy and instead, after spending the money, he was very kind.
In short, tired dead but excited to see these beautiful people.

Sense8 naples # # # # cast tvseries netflix # # # fans love loveu # ## beautiful amazing # # # pic picture photo # # # photos T4L tagforlike # # # tagsforlikes likes like #

(Translation: )

I will never stop doing these fools.
I say it and I will always repeat it.
Feeling sleepy and sleeping will not stop me from running at any minimum opportunity.
Departure at 5.10am, I and @liebefrau_ stand in front of the hotel at 8.45am. 'Do not turn on November 1st, at best visit Naples and do not go on a voyage' was the thing everyone repeated to me. Then, @maxriemelt walk out of the parking lot available, from the glass of the hotel we can see @msjamieclayton @twopencemiddleton @erenibarrak a wild Michael and the window of the @desaitina car .. Towards lunch time, we notice @smithespis coming out alone and does not want to take pictures .. when we lost hope back with a shopping bag, we do not want to assimilate him and he himself says 'Picture'.
In the end I also see a dear friend who made me ride in Naples in 3 hours fantastic as short as it is.
To all those who spoke too soon, I saw them and saw something about Naples. I did it
Madness has been satisfying!

# sense8 #sensates #naples #netflix
And lastly from October 31, Mann going to set:

My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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Interview with Silvestre:

CH: Tell us how you are living being outside our borders *

MAS: Well look at the luck of working on Sense8 is Lito and that people are very fond of him the other day I shot on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower from 10 at night to 10 in the morning, with the Eiffel Tower closed for us. It is a dream come true. Thanks to Lana they let us shoot in the best pizzeria in Naples, in the best church in San Francisco, there; in the best space in Korea. I have traveled a lot and I have also been in very privileged places thanks to this production.
Cast on their way to the set, today, October 2:

Today's set, the mole (I've seen posts tagged both Molo Beverello and Molo San Vincenzo):
Bae and Riemelt on set:

Helicopter to shoot aerial footage:

SWAT-like guy on set:

More from the helicopter set:

Today was the last day Vito Fusco, Italian photographer, shooting with Winslow for the special's title sequence.


Here in Naples with @veritas_viriditas shooting for #sense8 #title sequence @sense8fans #sense8italia #italy #naples #netflixseries ❤️ #Vesuvio #sunrise #alba #golfo di Napoli
Now still with @veritas_viriditas shooting for #sense8 from the other side of #Naples #title #sequence
#last #shooting day for me in #Naples for #sense8 #title #scenes #2017 #photography #posillipo @veritas_viriditas

Another last day for this woman:

One of the best experience of my life. I have meet new people from all over the world than i can call friends, i hope to see all of you again guys, thanks for all ❤

#sense8 #love #friends #work #experience #instadaily #bestpicoftheday #lastday #loveyounewfriends #naples #castellammare #partytogheter #italiangirl #instasense8 #lanawachowski #wolfgang #instame #seeyousoon
I wonder if production wrapped today instead of on 4? I doubt it, but just saying.

More from the select fans that partied with cast and crew on Halloween:


(Translation: ) Reality did not fit fantasy, it was absolutely better. LOVE YOU���� #brian # sense8 #party #loveit #dream #happiness
and geotagged "TRIP duepuntozero". This?

This: seems to be from the day they shot at Il Bikini etc with the car. But because we heard something about shooting with the car again, I leave open the possibility it's from a new shoot.

Cast getting out of their taxis from days ago: (the second video)

edit Press + video for November 2 shoot:

(Translation: )

"Sense8", an explosion in water at the port of Naples for shooting the Netflix TV series

Explosion at the San Vincenzo Pier, special effects at sea for a scene of Sense8. Filming continues in the city for the final episode of the famous TV show aired on Netflix. The crew is at the San Vincenzo Molo, the set was set up in the heliport area, in a public area. Staff, actors and stunts have simulated an explosion at sea. The scene lasted a few seconds: after a few shots a water column was raised. The explosion was carefully prepared in the days before the filming, the staff warned ordinary and commanding forces to avoid allarms. A crowd of fans gathered at the Molo gates to see the star and the armored set.
edit More press + video, this claims this was the last day of filming:

(Translation: )

"Last day of Neapolitan shooting for the Sense8 crew, the Netflix TV series is popular among young people all over the world. Actors and workers, led by directors Lana and Lilly Wachowski (Matrix trilogy) turned to the San Vincenzo wharf. In the afternoon, two helicopters came up from the pier heliport in the sky, probably to shoot a scene of the series. Outside the pier, dozens of fans and curious have come to embrace their goodies. "
edit Video from scenes shot earlier in the week: found here:
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November 3 press, article + 8 photos:

(Translation: )

New filming day in Naples for "Sense8", the Netflix TV series directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski.

After the explosion at the San Vincenzo wharf, the crickets at Mergellina station and in Piazza Carlo III in recent days, this morning the historic center of Naples is a scenario for the science fiction series that has fascinated the world.

Lana Wachowski, amongst the Figurari and the Grande Archivio square, behind via San Biagio dei Librai already assaulted by tourists, provides directions to its actors and crew for a stunning pursuit in the alleys.

"I love Napoli, it was amazing to be here these days, it is really beautiful. I have found so much energy, I have received so much love from people. It's all wonderful. Thinking of the series at "Sense8", I did not know how people would have welcomed my new idea, but now I'm sure: I found my heart, my intentions reflected in so many other hearts, and many were here in Naples. It was a real gift," said Lana Wachowski at the edge of the last scene of "Sense8" shot in town. Then the celebration with the troupe and crowd of the many Neapolitans who watched the filming.
edit Another video:

Lana starts laughing for some reason


Interesting casting I spotted on imdb:

Avant Strangel ... Dr. Al-Saadawi's Body Guard
edit Nice timelapse by Winslow:

Video from the car shoot:
Pic from it:
And techno crane:

Lana preparing her pizza?

Gunfight video from the November 2 set:

More gunfights:

Pics/videos from November 2 set:

November 3 - last day of shooting in Naples - cast walks to the set: geotagged Via San Biagio Dei Librai


More set pics:

Lana had an accident while filming, but I assume she's ok since we haven't heard anything about it:

Winslow credited as Karin Wachowski on her chair.

Crew members confirm it was the last day: (also badge) (also clapperboard)

Also confirmed by Kohli:

The sun sets on our last day in #Napoli Going to miss this city ❤️ #Naples #Italy #Sense8 #Special

Some paper from Sense8 but not especially revealing:

This guy plays some sort of BPO pilot or something:

Some set pic:

Rivetti has posted this picture of Wolfgang/Riemelt:

Mann at the hotel (there are dozens of pictures with the other cast members or Lana, but I am making a point here that once Mann joined, late, the Napples shoot he remained until the end of it, so that means the scenes they had been shooting the last few days concern Whispers):

Gift to Lana + cast:

Silvestre talking to fans (I think about how he was told the fans have made it possible to make a special):

Various pics:

Some HQ pics:

Regarding whether filming completed or there's more to follow after Naples (Berlin?) stay tuned.
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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I think filming hasn't wrapped up and is going to continue in Berlin. Likely for a week or less, since Lana and John Toll will be in Poland on the 16th.

Assistant Director Michael Salven is now in Berlin (is it weird that I found out through his facebook account? I mean, it is public social media and don't see how it's different from following him on instagram but facebook seems oddly more personal), and I don't see why he would be there other than for Sense8.

Makeup artist Robert Crafer is also now in Berlin:

I don't think they had a (huge) wrap-up party in Naples, so I would guess they're gonna have it in Berlin even if they aren't going to continue filming. However, they did not film anything on location in Berlin and there is a chance they will be filming on location now for a few days or so? I guess we'll find out probably within a few hours or tomorrow.
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Good observations and thinking chromate, I agree.

Article about Fusco and Lana/Karin's co-operation in season 2 and the special (with some inaccuracies like saying he met Lana and Lilly during season 2 etc):

(Translation: )

Satisfied with the work done by Vito, Wachowskis sisters still wanted him, as a certified photographer and assistant to Karin Winslow, Lana's wife. So, a week ago, he joined the troupe who shot between Castellammare and Naples scenes that will serve for a single episode, a special episode of two hours scheduled for 2018. Together with them, Vito began shooting at 6 o'clock morning to end only at 22, tired but overflowing with satisfaction and, at the same time, disbelief. From the Rione Sanita to Molo S. Vincenzo, the cameras have crossed all over Naples, looking for scenes of everyday life to be resumed. Immersed in this confusion of crank and emotion, Vito has discovered that working in a set is like living a parallel life. Frenzy and scene changes are so many and expecting a logical order in the sequence of scenes is impossible, even if it's all under control. Especially if the subject of the series is intricate and complex as that of Sense8, which has to represent with the efficient telepathic connection the eight protagonists, strangers coming from different parts of the world with efficient shooting strategies.
The 2017 Wachowskis : Karin and Lana:

edit I just finished embedding pictures in all my recent posts that I didn't have time to do it earlier within the week. I might (or might not) embed a few more later, but I can safely say I already did for the most important!

Some press:

(Translation: )

November 4 ended the long Sense8 cast in Naples to shoot some scenes from the final episode of the series , which will be released on Netflix in 2018.

It was said that everyone was extremely helpful, as well as her wife, to exchange views and photos with the audience, even trying to make a classic pizza Neapolitan in one of Naples' historic pizzerias, exclaiming enthusiastically at the end of the company "now I'm Neapolitan!"


Before leaving Naples at the turn of Germany, to cast other scenes of the final in Berlin, the cast also met Mayor Luigi De Magistris, who went on one of the many sets set in the center of the city.
Not convinced they actually know about Berlin and they aren't just repeating what we all suspect.

Said mayor post:

(Translation: )

I visited the set of sense8, a US television series of science fiction created by the same creators of Matrix. There I met Lana Wachowski and it was a great emotion to hear from her voice as to whether she was in love with Naples so much she had chosen, together with Berlin and Paris, as a set for the final episode of the series

Very short summary of what and wherer they shot each day by a fan who followed the entire Naples shoot:

Earlier within the week Winslow thanks the fans:
From Paris, Winslow thanks fans for bringing the show back as she's leaving with Lana:

very late edit Short mention of Fusco here too:
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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No indication that they have shot anything in Berlin the last couple of days - but who knows? I suppose we'll find it out soon.

Weird, brand new, Sense8 image on "Trending Now" on Netflix US:

very late edit: better look:

Pictures with Lana + cast + long message by fan:

"I realized quickly when I knew I should that the world was made up of this brotherhood of man,for whatever that means" ��

Today ends one of the best period of my life. Being able to watch these amazing people work on the finale of one of my favourite shows it's been a dream. I've spent almost 10 days trying to be wherever they were. And after all of that I can say that these people are truly amazing and they love us with every fiber of their being.

#LanaWachowski is a walking heart, she spent time with the fans whenever she was able to. Being capable of hugging Max,Erendira and Lana made me the most happy person in the world. I've spent these days knowing that I will carry forever in my heart everything that has happened. I don't even know how many times I've heard Lana saying "thank you". I don't care that for meeting them I had to wake up before dawn,I would do that all over again if I could.

I feel so lucky to have witnessed how kind and amazing are the whole cast and crew of Sense8. I already miss them all so much.

Also thank you to my bro @niehaus_324b21 for always being there by my side no matter what.

Being of the set of Sense8 and meet all of them is a lifechanging experience.
Thank you Lana (and @veritas_viriditas ) for the amazing speech you made before leaving, it means so much to me. ���� Un immenso grazie a tutte le persone della crew e della sicurezza (e al mio special someone) che ormai erano diventate di famiglia e che nonostante tutto ci hanno sopportati, avete reso le giornate piu leggere facendoci ridere sempre. Avrei voluto tutto questo non finisse mai.
Said speech, well, this seems to be the very last words by Lana to the fans as she leaves:

Another clapperboard from a stunt guy and pic with Lana:


Great first stunt experience on Sense8!
#sense8 #netflix #stunt #naples #lanawachowski #movie #tvseries
@sense8 @sense8official @sense8_italia
The stunt team used on the mole scene:

Series of pics and videos regarding this scene:

If you are wondering what's that thing for used behind the camera man, watch the video.. Wolfgang fires an RPG and the screens lights up with a practical effect from the supposed rocket, like this:

I bet Wolfgang brings down the helicopter!

The Italian Amanita double:

Pic by Onwumere:


Create 8. #sense8
Another Naples badge:

(Yes, super redundant but that's the whole point.. The more redundancy, the higher the chance something will survive for years.)
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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Filming either resumed today, November 9, in Berlin, or is about to resume eg tomorrow.

It started with Smith posting this picture of him getting his hair done yesterday:


Gettin purdy. @r_crafer
and then today:

Clayton posted a pic in Berlin:

Kants posted "Back to Berlin." :

Maina posted "Coming through Berlin! #sense8special #sense8 @sense8 #zakia" :

and Kohli posted pics of trailer doors labelled with Will, Riley, Lito, Amanita and Old Man of Hoy doubles:


#Doubles day on #Sense8 #special Back to work in #Berlin
Desai posted a pic with Billelo (although not tagged with Berlin, I'm sure it's from there):


Fun chopper ride with stunts! Kala and Lila make Kali- destroyer of evil. We could be a force! @valeriabilello @no_regretti_
and finally we have this hilarious video featuring plenty of the core cast, including Sommers, and crew:

I don't know what they are going to be shooting since eg Zakia is involved - I thought she would just be in the Eiffel Tower grand finale wedding, but maybe not - but I am still waiting for Lee Ki-chan to shoot something and advance, if not resolve, that storyline.. So that's something that I expect to happen in the next days.

edit 12 minute B-Roll from Paris shoot:
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".

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Joo also in Berlin since yesterday ( ) and shared this picture with others from the cast today (November 10):


Thank you for welcoming me into your @sense8 family 👩*👩*👧*👦❤️👨*👩*👧*👧 loved spending time with all of you!!! #sense8
Meanwhile Maina posted:


My very first trailer 😃😁! #sense8 #zakia #actress #setlife
My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".
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