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Herrera interview:

DEADLINE: And, of course, there was Netflix suddenly bringing Sense8 to an end after two seasons with the story left unfinished.

HERRERA: It was more or less the same with both shows. There was a lot of uncertainty for one show and for the other show. What I can tell you is that the day of the announcement, I received an email from Netflix’s Peter Friedlander, who is an amazing guy, and he thanked me for all the effort that we all did and specifically for all the effort that we did in Mexico City. And I said, well, that was it. I have to say goodbye in my own personal way to my character from Sense8, to Hernando.

DEADLINE: But not really goodbye after all…

HERRERA: Exactly, then suddenly, this huge hurricane came of fans after the release about Sense8 came. Thanks to them, we’re back on track, and we have this two-hour special that we’re going to do — though I still have no idea when they’re going to do this.

DEADLINE: Have you spoke with Lana, and Lilly, and J. Michael since Netflix decided to bring Sense8 back for the two-hour finale? Have they given you any sense of when this might happen?

HERRERA: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I sent Lana an email of happy birthday not so long ago, and she responded with a beautiful email, but we didn’t talk about the storyline. We just talked, about her birthday and how happy she was, and that was it.

DEADLINE: So, nothing is scheduled yet?

HERRERA: (laughs) I still have no idea how they’re going to manage to accommodate all the schedules, but I know they’re going to do it. Because thanks to the fans, I do think that miracles happen, and thanks to the fans for bringing Sense8 back.
Like I said a few posts ago, Lana's birthday was before the special was officially announced, so she couldn't have told him at that point (at least not formally), assuming it had already been decided.
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