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Old 06-20-2005, 08:35 PM
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JMS doesn't post here and other FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this JMS's official website?

A: This site is operated independently and has no official connection with JMS. The site has received permission from JMS to repost his messages. This site was created and is managed by Doug Olson.

Q: Does JMS post here?

A: JMS does not post here. As far as we know, he doesn't read messages here, either. Our Forum Rules prohibit the posting of story ideas in case he should care to visit or post in the future.

Q: Why was there a change of Commanders between Season One and Season Two? I've heard all sorts of stories.

A: At a panel at the Phoenix Comicon on May 24, 2013, JMS kept a promise he'd made to Michael O'Hare and revealed the true circumstances. It became obvious toward the last third of filming the first season that Michael had some physical issues that caused delusional behavior. This is treatable with medication and therapy but takes time. Though JMS was willing to shut down the show in order for Michael to get the help he needed, Michael asked JMS to give him the chance to try to finish out the season and JMS agreed. Michael's struggles and courage were an inspiration to JMS and he made sure that Michael returned later on to complete his story arc, after he'd gotten treatment. At Michael's request, JMS never discussed the real reason until after Michael's recent passing in 2012.

Q: How can I ask JMS a question?

A: The place to post questions directly to JMS is at the newsgroup
You should be able to find out if your ISP provides access to Usenet groups but the link above connects to Google Groups where access is free.

The group is moderated to protect JMS from story ideas and to keep the newsgroup spam- and troll-free. The first time someone posts, the moderation software will automatically send an email containing the Terms of Use to the email address the message comes from. The poster must reply to the email agreeing to the Terms in order for posts to show. The first several posts are also hand moderated so there may be some delay in their showing up.

When directing a question to JMS, it's customary put "Attn: JMS" in the subject line to draw his attention to your question. It's a good idea to check the archives here to see if the question has already been answered, too. If the question has been answered before, sometimes regular posters will answer your question, often with a link or quote where JMS answered your question or one similar.

Q: I've heard that the unproduced Crusade scripts are available online. Where can I get them?

A: The unproduced Crusade scripts "To the Ends of the Earth" and "End of the line" were available to read online for a short time but that website no longer exists. Some people transcribed the scripts and traded them but that is illegal activity as those scripts remain JMS's property. There are some synopses of the unproduced scripts at Worlds of JMS

There are a few B5 scripts that have been published if you're interested in the process of making a television show. "The Complete Book of Scriptwriting" written by JMS has important information about all kinds of script writing with samples and includes the entire script for "The Coming of Shadows". Amazon is one site where you can buy it new or used.

Also, Neil Gaiman who wrote the "Day of the Dead" fifth season script published it to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense fund. One place where you can find it is: Neil Gaiman's site. At this time (3/1/06), the book is on sale.

Q: Where can I post my Fan Fiction of B5? Where can I find B5 Fan Fiction?

A: Because our Forum Rules prohibit posting story ideas, the JMSNews Forums does not feature or allow Babylon 5 fan fiction. A site that lists several places for B5 and other fan fiction is Purple Files Database

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