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Old 07-09-2007, 03:54 AM
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Forum Spoiler Rules

JMSNews respects our members right to not be exposed to spoilers for unreleased or newly released material. This post contains a set of rules that describe how spoilers can be posted without exposing them to users who choose to stay spoiler free. Posts that contain inappropriate spoilers may be removed or altered at the discretion of the Moderators and/or Administrator.

Definition Of A Spoiler
A "spoiler" is considered any information about any unreleased or newly released material (film, TV, novel, comic, etc.) which has not been specifically mentioned by the publisher or one of its designated licensees. Such information is considered a spoiler until 30-days past the material's US release date.

Spoiler Rules
  • Spoilers MUST NEVER appear in thread titles or signature lines.
  • Threads that specify "No spoilers" in the title MUST NEVER contain spoilers.
  • Threads containing visible spoilers MUST specify a spoiler warning in the title (e.g., "New ship designs (B5:TLT Spoiler Warning)").
  • Threads without a spoiler warning in the title MAY contain HTR (highlight-to-read) spoilers that utilize the spoiler tag.
In other words, do not post a visible spoiler in any thread that does not explicitly contain a spoiler warning in the title. Likewise, never put spoilers in message titles or any thread that contains "No Spoilers" in the title. You may post a spoiler to a thread using the spoiler tag if the above conditions are met.

How to Use the Spoiler Tag
The forum supports a [spoiler] tag which may be used to create HTR (highlight-to-read) text. The text contained in the tag is invisible until it is highlighted (e.g., selected with the mouse).

Here is an example of text composed within a spoiler tag:

Spoiler text goes here.
[/spoiler ]

The above markup produces the following in the message:

Spoiler text goes here.

When composing a message you may alternately highlight the spoiler text and press the spoiler button on the edit page to enclose text within a spoiler tag.

If you have any questions about the appropriate use of spoilers, please post a message to the "Site Support and Suggestions" forum where I or a moderator will be happy to respond.

Thank you for your support.


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