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08/02/1995 ATTN JMS: Script book
08/02/1995ATT JMS: Well, how did the fir
08/02/1995 JMS: What's delaying VHS/LD in
08/02/1995QUES#1: Before the Agamemnon?
08/02/1995 "Downbelow" a ref to Cherryh's
08/01/1995The Long Twilight Struggle.

Messages for the month of July 1995

07/31/1995 Attn JMS: Female characters
07/30/1995What Earthdome told us was that... GENIE
07/25/1995 It's just that the sysops have *specifically*... GENIE
07/25/1995There is a topic here for spoilers... GENIE
07/25/1995 Stan, y'know the only thing that... GENIE
07/23/1995The BG is a sculpture; they were... GENIE
07/22/1995 To some extent it falls into a steady... GENIE
07/22/1995Both Bruce and Pat Tallman were... GENIE
07/21/1995 As I recall, what they did was shoot... GENIE
07/20/1995It didn't share an emmy, no, but... GENIE
07/20/1995 Bear in mind also that this is a... GENIE
07/20/1995Negative. That was never intended.... GENIE
07/20/1995 Our pilot got one emmy nomination... GENIE
07/19/1995BTW, keep forgetting to mention...I've... GENIE

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