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Date Subject Posted To
02/07/1995 JMS: About Babcom again....
02/07/1995G'Kar specifies a quarter million... GENIE
02/07/1995 Babylon5 is lousy!!!
02/07/1995Y' looking at all these... GENIE
02/07/1995 ATTN JMS: Iowa State cancelled
02/06/1995ATTN: JMS: B5 on any cable-onl
02/06/1995 ATT JMS: StellarCom
02/06/1995Sean: if you could send me a copy... GENIE
02/06/1995 JMS: Thank you for a great job
02/06/1995The VO at the end of all the PTEN... GENIE
02/06/1995 JMS: I want REVENGE!
02/06/1995JMS: I think there'll be a rio
02/06/1995 JMS: A question... (SPOILERS f
02/05/1995 Didn't get the footpedals; I'd just... GENIE
02/05/1995ATTN JMS: TCoS Costuming ?
02/05/1995 ...sigh...okay, everybody who thinks... GENIE
02/05/1995I will tell you a true and secret... GENIE
02/05/1995 Coming of Shadows *SPOILERS*
02/05/1995The Coming of Spoilers (Season

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