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10/29/1994 [No Subject] GENIE
10/29/1994There really wasn't/isn't time in... GENIE
10/29/1994 Losing the characters she's come... GENIE
10/28/1994Granted there is metaphor in the... GENIE
10/28/1994 Generally speaking, Warners/PTEN... GENIE
10/27/1994It may be wise, about now, to start... GENIE
10/27/1994 What episodes to watch for in year... GENIE
10/27/1994A notice already went out to ALL... GENIE
10/26/1994 Phil: if you saw TBC at the end... GENIE
10/26/1994Phil: there *is* a parting resolution/explanat... GENIE
10/26/1994 JMS: Triple Damned?
10/26/ must understand that... GENIE
10/26/1994 BTW, I'm pleased to note that Christopher... GENIE
10/26/1994*1* reason Trek is better...
10/25/1994 Ignore Ford Thaxton, maybe...
10/25/1994IT'S ON VIDEO!? GENIE
10/25/1994 The Minbari in the clip was a one-shot. GENIE
10/25/1994ATTN JMS: Licensing Model Kits
10/25/1994 Re: Ignore Ford Thaxton (was
10/25/1994B5 Soundtrack?

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