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04/04/1994 The refraction depends on the angle... GENIE
04/04/1994As another aside...I'm surprised... GENIE
04/04/1994 Re: Sound in Space
04/04/1994We're already doing it, and have... GENIE
04/04/1994 Stories become more problematic... GENIE
04/03/1994Personal request: could some enterprising... GENIE
04/03/1994 The ripple is caused by heat from... GENIE
04/03/1994Character Building Episodes?
04/03/1994 I don't know, but I think I can... GENIE
04/02/1994Some were real, yes. Some weren't. GENIE
04/02/1994 How much of any episode's dialogue... GENIE
04/02/1994About Creative Stories for B5
04/02/1994 Centauris, Narns, and Earth: q
04/01/1994Actually, there's a second shot... GENIE
04/01/1994 Bill appeared in, I believe, 6-7... GENIE
04/01/1994Quote List Legal Question fo
04/01/1994 JMS: Icon schedule?
04/01/1994Re: schedule please!!!!!
04/01/1994 Re: JMS: Euro catch-up?
04/01/1994JMS: Euro catch-up?

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