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03/18/1992 That's a good idea, and one that's... GENIE
03/17/1992Actually, one of the things we're... GENIE
03/17/1992 Well, all I can really suggest,... GENIE
03/16/1992Well, I think Herman Melville might... GENIE
03/16/1992 Okay, here's an updated station... GENIE
03/15/ was a decent show, all... GENIE
03/15/1992 Thanks. I kinda had fun with that... GENIE
03/13/1992Regarding language...yes, there... GENIE
03/10/1992 There will definitely be varying... GENIE
03/10/1992Oops, cross-posted with KL...yes,... GENIE
03/10/1992 Yeah, there's kind of a good break-point... GENIE
03/10/1992Could be.... GENIE
03/09/1992 Hmmm...y'know, that ain't a bad... GENIE
03/08/1992Will investigate the Arkansas situation. GENIE
03/08/1992 Brad: in Washington DC, B5 will... GENIE
03/04/1992At this time, there are no immediate... GENIE
03/04/1992 Matt: if you can reassure GENIE
03/03/1992Comalite; yes, that scenario has... GENIE
03/02/1992 All I can say at this point is that... GENIE
03/02/1992So let me see if I've got this straight GENIE

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