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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: SiL
      To: CIS  
    Date: 11/30/1998 2:46:00 PM  

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Koslosky <> asks:
> We LOVED SiL, BUT, my newly converted office mate fans of B5
> asked me to query you regarding this ep - why did you leave SO
> many questions unanswered? The Drak and Centari Prime?
> Londo?
> Lyta?
> Bester and the Psi Corps?
> G'Kar?
> Garibaldi and Bester?
> B5's seemingly needless and useless destruction?
> Sheridan's son - we guess he survived the Drak and their intended
> keeper? Are we to assume we'll never know the answers to any of
> these questions?

The Drak and Centari Prime?

Vir is Emperor now. Londo asked Sheridan to free his people; we
can assume he did this...but we will also be showing this in the
Centauri Prime trilogy of books in more detail.


We saw Londo's fate in War Without End Part 2.


The telepath crisis and events surrounding it will provide a lot
of the background to Crusade.

Bester and the Psi Corps?



We saw his fate in WWE2 also.

Garibaldi and Bester?

This will be covered in the Psi Corps trilogy, of which volume 1
is out now, and volume 2 is in my hands for editing.

B5's seemingly needless and useless destruction?

Neither needless nor useless. It was built cheapest of all the
stations, and it takes a lot of money to maintain it. With trade
routes now going around it, there isn't enough income to support it.
So do you leave it intact, for others to occupy or raid for weapons
systems and other systems too difficult to yank out? Or take it out,
the same way we implode buildings now?

Sheridan's son - we guess he survived the Drak and their intended

This will also be covered in the Centauri Prime trilogy...but if
you sit back you can do some of the work to figure out a large part of
this. As Londo states, his situation in WWE2 (Sheridan and Delenn
captured on Centauri Prime) takes place 18 years after the events in
2260, which would put it at 2278. The urn, given to Sheridan in 2262,
is supposed to be given to the heir at the occasion of his/her 16th
birthday, by Centauri tradition.

That would put the urn presentation at...ding!...2278.

In 2278, Sheridan and Delenn have been drawn to Centauri Prime.
We know their son is involved, because Delenn says "David is safe." So
they were somehow able to save him, because we know that in 2281, David
is alive and well and serving in the Rangers (SiL).

You can see the shape of the events there...once again the clues
are more or less in plain sight...but again, this will be drawn out in
the books in more detail.


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