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    From: "" <>
 Subject: Re: Forry Ackerman is gone.
    Date: 12/5/2008 3:58:59 PM  

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On Dec 5, 3:50=A0pm, Captain Infinity <>
> Once Upon A Time,
> wrote:
> >On Dec 5, 1:08=A0pm, wrote:
> >> This was posted on Yahoo news just a few minutes ago. Raise a cup, say
> >> cheerio.
> >> Mike
> >>
> >I grew up a fan of Forry's work, I read Famous Monsters of Filmland
> >cover to cover every month...but ended up with mixed feelings after
> >one particular incident.
> >When Robert Bloch (author of Psycho) was dying of cancer, the family
> >wanted to keep it quiet and not let people know so he could pass in
> >peace. =A0Forry broke the news, which I suppose was bad enough, but this
> >is what happened in the aftermath, per Harlan Ellison, who told me
> >about it at the time. =A0(Harlan, Bob, Silverberg, and Julie Schwartz
> >used to get together for Thanksgiving dinner every year, so we were
> >all kind of in this circle.) =A0While Bob was on his death-bed, Forry
> >sent a letter to Bob asking him to sign the enclosed card so that
> >Forry could say he got Bob's very last autograph.
> >There's not much I can say about that, that would be more telling than
> >the telling of it.
> >jms
> Ah, nothing like a third-hand anecdote to honor the memory of the man.
> So, finish the story...did Bloch sign?
> **
> Captain Infinity- Hide quoted text -

A third-hand anecdote.

Halran and I were friends of Bob's. We hung out. We gathered each
year for Thanksgiving. Harlan and I teamed up to help Bob's widow,
after his passing when some unfortunate circumstances came up. When
the Forry letter arrived, Harlan called me from Bob's house and read
it over the phone. Bob's wife was in tears. Harlan and Forry never
spoke again from that day on.

You might want to carefully reconsider those words "third-hand

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