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 Subject: Re: from jms: too damned much stuff
    Date: 5/20/2005 10:44:29 PM  

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Matt Ion wrote:
> wrote:
> > have said now that I used "racist terms." You have
> > it now repeatedly.
> >
> > After discussing the British class system, which has been
documented in
> > more studies than I have time to cite, I said, in jest, simply that
> > you're not making sense "even for a Brit."
> Hmmm, I hate to add any clarity to the mix here, but to be completely

> technical, "Brit" is not a racial term in any fashion anyway.
> Nationalist, maybe, but hardly racist. "Brits" are comprised of
> of every imaginable race, creed, religeon, philosophy, skin color,
> combinations thereof.

Precisely. There are British Citizens of every racial and ethnic
background just as there are Americans of every racial and ethnic
background. Which makes the idea even more ludicrous.

But I'm not going to keep going back and forth on this. This is the
last I intend to say on this subject, in this thread, on this system.
Anything else will have to find other venues.


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