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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: And So It Begins...
    Date: 3/31/2003 6:19:00 PM  

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>With that done, we could have adverted war. the actions of Blix, France,
>Germany, Russia and hollywood are the reason we are at war.

That has got to be the biggest load of horseshit I have ever read on this

Do you *honestly* think, for even a second, that Bush would ever have walked
away from this calmly? The administration did everything it could to hobble
the inspectors and interfere with the process, which all of the inspectors
noted repeatedly. They were given bad information by the CIA and other US
intelligence organizations.

But the main thing didn't matter what they were or weren't gonna find in
Iraq. They were going in after Saddam regardless. They kept shifting reasons
as times changed...first it was about terrorism, then it was about WMD, then it
was about regime change, now it's about Iraqi Freedom, only to find that the
Iraqis don't want the US there.

Rumsfeld, hours after 9/11, was asking his aides if there was any way to pin
this on Saddam.

Bush wantedt his war, and he was determined to have it at any cost, for any
reason. That was in the cards months ago. Anybody who thinks he was gonna
just walk away quietly is living in a dream world.


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