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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Attn JMS: Production of Jeremiah
    Date: 8/24/2002 6:19:00 PM  

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>With B5, it was a five day shoot, that almost always ended around 5pm.

Not correct. It was a 7 day per episode shoot, with the exception of one
season that went to 6 days, and we usually went 7 to 7 p.m.

>cast and crew found it an enjoyable atmosphere that was in danger of not
>being called work. Also, the budget was handled in a way that was one of
>the best kept records in Warner Brothers (all from your posts).

Correct. We came in under budget every year for 5 years, at one point handing
back a million bucks, which they couldn't (and still can't quite) believe.

>The question is how is/was the Jeremiah production. Were the hours more
>chaotic due to outside shooting. Was the budget more difficult due to a
>larger payroll and more dynamic shooting environment?

It was more daunting because whereas B5 was shot entirely indoors, Jeremiah has
been primarily a road show, such that we're shooting outdoors, rain, snow, mud
or yuck, as much as 6 days out of 7 (with some 7 days out of 7).

As for budget, everyone kind of expected we'd go over our first season, since
it was such a big show, and all freshman shows tend to do that. But I don't
allow such things. 20% of any budget usually is wasted on lack of preparation.
By always having our scripts in on time, and well ahead of schedule, we were
able to plan ahead and, as with B5, we came in under budget for our first

>Ok, three questions, and about your least favorite part of the job.

Getting up early when I've been writing until 3 a.m. or later.


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