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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: ATTN: JMS (Secrets of the Soul) **Spoilers**
    Date: 3/5/1998 7:37:00 AM  

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>How did you (or do you) approach a regular on the show and tell them
>that you want them to do a really intense scene the likes that has not
>been done on the show before (ie Byron/Lyta)? I had only seen stuff
>like that on NYPD Blue, but people on that show know what they are
>getting into. Just curious.

I talked to both actors involved, made sure they were okay with it, and then
scripted it out in very detailed form, and shot with a closed set, just
necessary crew, nobody else.

(Funny item: in the script, I'm right in the middle of describing the sex
scene, and in the narrative description, I write, without even thinking about
it, "I wonder which is more embarrassing, reading this or writing it?" It goes
out that way.)


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